Edmontosaurus is a large hadrosaur that lived 70 to 65 million years ago. It was the fourth largest hadrosaur in planet Earth.

== Facts Edmontosaurus grew lengths up to 33 to 43 feet long. Despite this it was light since it was 3 to 4 tons. Edmontosaurus lived in Canada, and the USA. Edmontosaurus is divided into 2 species. It was thought there was three but the third specie is based on a new specie of dinosaur from Alaska, USA. It had a long skull that was board, and flat.

== Ecyosystem

In Canada Edmontosaurus lived with large ceratopsians such as Stracosaurus. But it also lived with fierce hunters such as Albertosaurus, and Gorgosaurus. Other preadators included small theropods such as Troodon a small bird like dinosaur. In the USA, it lived alongside larger ceratopsians such as Triceratops. But there were still preadators. One of them is the well known Tyrannosaurus. It also lived with other hadrosaurs such as Kritosaurus, and Claosaurus.

== In Films Despite not being much well known it was seen in films. It was seen in old films such as March of the Dinosaurs. It was also seen in Transformers 4, although the hadrosaur is argued to be a Shungtangosaurus, a even larger hadrosaur. It was thought to be in Planet Dinosaur. However it might have been a different hadrosaur.